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Let’s talk about Suicide Med by Freida McFadden. There’s a reason Southside Medical School has been nicknamed “Suicide Med.” Every year for six years, one student has taken his own life.

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Suicide Med
Author: Freida McFadden
Genre: Mystery, Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 522
Released: 2014

Book Summary:

“I don’t want to die like this. Not here, not now—in the anatomy lab on a Saturday night. I know I’ve done some bad things in my life, but I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve this….”

Nobody wants to go to a school nicknamed Suicide Med.

One suicide.  Every year.

Heather McKinley has always dreamed of becoming a doctor.  She doesn’t even care about her medical school’s grisly history of suicides—it can’t happen to her. But after Heather’s longtime boyfriend dumps her and she finds herself failing anatomy, her world starts to crumble.

The pressure is intense.  People crack.

Thank goodness for Dr. Conlon, her quirky but beloved anatomy professor.  He’ll do anything to help his students succeed.  But is it a coincidence that the bespectacled professor joined the staff the same year the suicides began?

Or are they suicides at all?

All Heather knows is that one student will die this year.

And that student could be her.

Heather’s Review:

Everyone who knows me knows I love all Freida McFadden books. Before her newest book came out (which I am currently reading), I had read every book she’s written over the years. Her style of writing is so easy for me to read. It’s not hard to instantly connect with all of the characters.

In this particular book, I love how it’s split into different parts – each part telling the story from each character’s viewpoint. Like all Freida McFadden books, there are twists and surprises that you weren’t expecting.

I didn’t give this one five stars because the ending left me with more questions. While the author does try to tie up all loose ends, I couldn’t help but wonder about specific things in the book that were never addressed.

I give Suicide Med by Freida McFadden 4 out of 5 stars. 


4/5 Goodreads

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