The System: The Case of Kevin Keith

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Let’s talk about The System: The Case of Kevin Keith, hosted by Kim Kardashian. This is the story of a man who has spent almost three decades in prison, on a triple homicide charge although there is no physical evidence tying him to the crime. 

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The System: The Case of Kevin Keith
Host: Kim Kardashian
Genre: Crime
Listen on: iTunes, Spotify
Episodes: 2022

Podcast Summary:

In February of 1994, Kevin Keith was arrested and charged with a triple homicide in Bucyrus, Ohio. There is no physical evidence exclusively tying him to the crime, yet he has spent 28 years behind bars, with many of those on death row. Kevin’s brother Charles has always been convinced of his innocence and, to this day, works relentlessly to clear Kevin’s name. Over 8 episodes, Kim Kardashian and the team will take a deep dive into the case, raise important questions, and try to shed light on a legal system that is often puzzling. Though it’s said, ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ was Kevin Keith truly given a fair shot? Draw your conclusions in this twisted and, at times, unbelievable story. This is The System: The Case of Kevin Keith.

Heather’s Review:

I honestly went into this podcast cautiously. I’m not a huge Kim K fan, though I respect her as a mother and a businesswoman. I was honestly pleasantly surprised. Kim was able to share the facts of the case professionally alongside many qualified and knowledgeable people. The story is so interesting, I listened to it on my way to and from picking up my kids from school each week and looked forward to each new episode.

I appreciate how this podcast broke down each part of the case and shared why Kevin Keith should never have been convicted. I have to admit, the evidence doesn’t match up, and I wondered why no one with authority has taken a deep dive into this case and gotten this man a fair trial.

I give The System: The Case of Kevin Keith 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


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