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Let’s talk about You, a series on Netflix. A dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man takes extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.

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You on Netflix
Rating: TV-MA
Genre: Thriller
Type: TV Series
Released: 2018
Seasons: 3


What would you do for love? This question is tested by a brilliant male bookstore manager who crosses paths with an aspiring female writer. A charming yet awkward crush becomes even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager’s obsession. Using social media and the internet, he uses every tool at his disposal to become close to her, even going so far as to remove any obstacle –including people — that stands in his way of getting to her.


Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, and Elizabeth Lail

Heather’s Review:

This dark and suspenseful Netflix series keeps you wanting more. Once you get past the main character, not being Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl, it’s a series you won’t be able to stop watching. If you haven’t seen it, add it to your must-binge list! Every season gets better and better. I’ve binged each of the three seasons in one day. It’s THAT good!

I give You on Netflix 5 out of 5 stars. 


86% of Google users liked this TV show
7.7/10 IMDb
91% Rotten Tomatoes

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