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Let’s talk about Alone. Hardcore survivalists seek to stay alive in extreme locations around the world.

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Rating: TV-14
Genre: Reality TV
Type: TV Series
Released: 2015
Seasons: 9


Alone is an American adventure reality game show on History. It follows the self-documented daily struggles of 10 individuals (seven paired teams in season 4) as they survive alone in the wilderness for as long as possible using a limited amount of survival equipment. Except for medical check-ins, the participants are isolated from each other and all other humans. They may “tap out” anytime or be removed due to failing a medical check-in. The contestant who remains the longest wins a grand prize of $500,000. The seasons have been filmed across various remote locations, usually on Indigenous-controlled lands, including northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentine Patagonia, northern Mongolia, and Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, and Chilko Lake in interior British Columbia.

Heather’s Review:

I have watched all nine seasons of Alone. I am not an outdoor person. I would never survive outdoors for more than one night with the bugs and the wild animals and no toilet or bed. I love camping, but Alone takes it to a whole new level. Having to hunt for your food, eat random plants or bugs. It’s just not for me. With that being said, I absolutely love Alone. I love to see how well people survive in crazy circumstances. I love to see how resourceful they can be. I love how close they get to mountain lions and bears. It’s incredible.

I do have to talk about something in Season 9 though. Can we talk about Theresa’s “hybrid” American and UK accent? I couldn’t pay attention to her seriously amazing survivalist skills because her sometimes British and sometimes American words just overshadowed. I noticed quickly that her American accent was in full force when she was in distress, but when she had time to sit and speak to the camera calmly, she suddenly had a British accent. I just couldn’t get past it.

My favorite part of the entire series is at the end when each person finds out they are the last one standing. I cry every single time. I love how they always choose contestants with incredible personalities and talents. There is no shortage of singing, creating fake newscasts, or finding ways to craft something amazing out of nothing. If you love competition reality tv, you will love Alone.

I give Alone on the History Channel 5 out of 5 stars. 


78% Google users liked this TV show
8.4/10 IMDb

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