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Let’s talk about Chloe, a series on Prime Video. Becky compares herself to the picture-perfect lives on Instagram, compulsively returning to one account: Chloe’s. However, when Chloe dies suddenly, Becky’s need to find out how and why leads her to assume a new identity.

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Chloe on Prime Video
Rating: 16+
Genre: Drama
Type: TV Series
Released: 2022


Becky’s lonely life is nothing like Chloe’s charmed one. One-time teenage friend, she now only watches Chloe through social media. When Chloe dies suddenly, Becky assumes a new identity and infiltrates the lives of Chloe’s friends to find out why. As Sasha, she discovers conflicting faces of Chloe but is increasingly lost in her lies. Will she uncover the truth before she loses herself?


The cast includes Erin Dohery, Billy Howle, and Pippa Bennett-Warner.

Heather’s Review:

I struggled with this show a bit. The acting was phenomenal, but there were moments when I was fully invested in the storyline and others where I felt it dragged a bit. I also found it to be slightly predictable. Chloe only has six episodes, but it felt like it lasted much longer. I’ve always believed that a drama series needs to have a solid ending, and this one was tricky. It was more of a movie ending than a tv series if that makes sense. It didn’t leave me wanting another season. It didn’t have me asking a bunch of questions. It just ended, and I guess I am content with that.

I give Chloe on Prime Video 3.5 out of 5 stars. 


74% of Google users liked this TV show
6.5/10 IMDb
94% Rotten Tomatoes

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  1. Sounds like an amazing show! Loved the detailed review 🙂

  2. Great and honest review. While you didn’t rate the show as phenomenal, I still think I’d enjoy watching it.

  3. This sounds like an interesting show. I hadn’t heard about this show and I’ll have to add it to my watchlist.

  4. I do quite like the sound of this. It helps the acting is good although I’d have to watch a bit first and see how I go.

  5. This seems interesting, a different side of obsession that’s not quite “You” level… and I actually like that it’s only six episodes long, easy to digest and knock out in a short sitting!! I’ll have to check it out soon!

  6. What a really great show to watch! I’m gonna add this on my list. I’m sure I’m gonna love this show!

  7. Chloe is my kind of series. I think I would really enjoy this. Good thing I have prime membership!

  8. This sounds like a great show. I’d be interested in seeing this show too. I don’t have Prime Video, but I thought about it. I’ll have to look in to it. This does seem like a really good show.

    1. Author

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    2. Wow! This is what my sister is talking about, she keep telling me to watch it. I’m surely gonna check this out!

  9. I almost started this the other night but chose something else instead. It seems like I made the right choice. I was hoping it was at least 4 stars.

  10. This sounds like a great show to watch while I am traveling. I have a plane trip next week.

  11. We don’t have prime video but it sounds like an interesting show!

    1. Author

      If you click on the banner at the top of our site, you can sign up for the free trial!

  12. Oh thank you!! I’ve been wanting to find something new on Prime. This looks really good. I love Britsh shows

  13. This sounds like a show I’d enjoy. I am currently watching one called Maggie on Hulu which is pretty entertaining.

    1. Author

      We would love for you to submit a review of Maggie once you’re done!

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