Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

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Let’s talk about Who Killed Garrett Phillips?, a docuseries on HBO Max. After 12-year-old Garrett Phillips is found strangled, police zero in on a suspect: Oral “Nick” Hillary.

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Who Killed Garrett Phillips? on HBO Max
Rating: TV-MA
Genre: True Crime
Type: Docu-Series
Released: 2019


From two-time Academy Award-nominee and Emmy-winner Liz Garbus (HBO’s A Dangerous Son and Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper), Who Killed Garrett Phillips?, examines the 2011 murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips and the subsequent trial of Clarkson University soccer coach Oral “Nick” Hillary.

Heather’s Review:

First things first, I googled the name of this docuseries and there is a name in giant bold letters right at the top of the results page. I thought, thanks for the spoiler, Google. Of course, then I realized that they release this suspect’s name about 17 minutes into the docuseries and the documentary is actually more about their focus on him as a suspect and less about finding the actual killer.

This documentary spotlights one of the biggest issues with these types of investigations. The detectives, prosecutors, and even higher-ups get a theory in their heads about who committed the crime and why. Instead of analyzing the evidence to discover who did it, they decide to try to prove their theory instead. We’ve seen it time and time again. I watch a lot of true crime documentaries and this is a constant pattern in so many of them.

I did enjoy this docuseries but wish there were more answers for the family.

I give Who Killed Garrett Phillips? on HBO Max 4 out of 5 stars. 


7.3/10 IMDb

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