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Let’s talk about Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a documentary series on Netflix. Across more than a decade, 17 teen boys and young men were murdered by convicted killer Jeffrey Dahmer. How did he evade arrest for so long?

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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix
Rating: TV-MA
Genre: True Crime, Documentary
Type: TV Series
Released: 2022

One of America’s most notorious serial killers primarily told from the point of view of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims dives deeply into the police incompetence and apathy that allowed the Wisconsin native to go on a multiyear killing spree. The series dramatizes at least ten instances where Dahmer was almost apprehended but ultimately let go. The series also is expected to touch on Dahmer, a clean-cut, good-looking guy who was repeatedly given a free pass by cops and by judges who were lenient when he was charged with petty crimes.


Evan Peters, Richard Jenkins, and Niecy Nash

Heather’s Review:

I went into this show fully expecting it to be like all the other shows and documentaries I watched on Dahmer. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was not about him. It was more about the victims. Bravo! It’s about time we stop giving these psychopaths more publicity and focus on the many victims and their families.

Evan Peters transformed completely into this role. I never doubted he would. He is an incredible actor. As impressive as he was, Niecy Nash was the star for me. She shared a side of the story that I’m not sure I had ever heard. She was incredible, and her portrayal was so moving.

I’m grateful that this show taught me more about the victims. What I didn’t hear or maybe missed was the why. Why did Jeffrey Dahmer actually eat his victims? Did he want to be closer to them? Or keep them closer? That part I still don’t understand.

I do hope that the victim’s families were given the justice they deserved and that we, as people, remember them, pray for them and think of them more than we ever would the monster that took their lives.

I give Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


94% Google users liked this
8.5/10 IMDb
50% Rotten Tomatoes

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