Run, Bambi, Run

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Let’s talk about Run, Bambi, Run, hosted by Vanessa Grigoriadis, who takes a fresh look at the case Diane Sawyer called the “most glamorous murder case of the 1980s.”

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Run, Bambi, Run
Host: Vanessa Grigoriadis
Genre: True Crime
Listen on: Spotify, iTunes
Episodes: 2022

Podcast Summary:

Laurie Bembenek was a Milwaukee police officer and Playboy Club bunny before being arrested for the murder of her husband’s ex-wife, a crime she insisted she did not commit. Nicknamed “Bambi Bembenek,” she became a tabloid fixation, a feminist cause célèbre, and, after she escaped from prison, an American folk hero, though she was never exonerated. Journalist and Campside Media co-founder Vanessa Grigoriadis takes a fresh look at the case Diane Sawyer called the “most glamorous murder case of the 1980s.”

Heather’s Review:

I had a hard time getting into Run, Bambi, Run. I listened to the first three episodes twice because I kept getting sidetracked. So initially, I didn’t have any hope that I would enjoy or even finish this podcast. The third time must be the charm because once I stopped multitasking and started to pay attention to what I was listening to, I was shocked at this story and how everything happened. 

If you love a true crime story about a badass woman who fought for what she believes in regardless of the consequences, you’ll love Run, Bambi, Run.

I give Run, Bambi, Run 4 out of 5 stars. 


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