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Let’s talk about Meraki by Naomi Kelly. When seventeen-year-old Wren finds her life at the mercy of a young, temperamental King, she must decide who is her ultimate enemy. Can Fate be altered? What do gods have planned? 

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Author: Naomi Kelly
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mythology
Pages: 235
Released: 2020

Book Summary:

Her song is a gift the gods bestowed on her, so why does it feel like a curse?

Seventeen-year-old Wren thinks she has just swum away from the most significant threat in the sea. That’s until she finds herself being hauled upon a warlord’s boat. With her life at the mercy of a young, temperamental King, Wren must decide who is her ultimate enemy.
Can Fate be altered? What do gods have planned?

Syrens are bound to tell the truth, but that doesn’t mean their lives cannot be riddled with lies.

Alije’s Review:

Meraki is an enchanting and unputdownable fantasy. Naomi Kelly’s fascinating world-building and beautiful prose will have you rooting for these incredible characters from the very first pages. Naomi has amalgamated a powerful mythological story and well-crafted fantasy. The details are mesmerizing, and Meraki, in a very intriguing way, entwines love and sacrifice to create a story so rich and powerful!

Mystery and wonder abound in MERAKI, and I fell in love with Wren and Kelly’s sharpness and strong personalities. Prepare yourself to be lost in these pages for hours, I was praying not to end their story, and thanks God, the sequel is on the way because the story has so many interesting topics you want to read about!

The language flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly, the story structure is solid, and there are just enough twists and turns to surprise you. This intriguing premise blooms into an enchanting and complex story that explores some mind-blowing topics, and the Author has done an amazing job. It is a remarkable book and praiseworthy! I was amazed by the Author’s lyrical prose. Her prose is delightful by turns delicate and very honest!

I give Meraki by Naomi Kelly 5 out of 5 stars. 


4/5 Goodreads

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