In Her Defense

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Let’s talk about In Her Defense by Amy Impellizzeri. When Ingrid’s husband is found dead, and her former friend is arrested as the prime suspect, Ingrid reluctantly returns to the law for one last case.

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In Her Defense
Author: Amy Impellizzeri
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 262
Released: 2022

Book Summary:

Ingrid DiLaurio lives in Riversedge, New York, four express train stops from Manhattan. Don’t be fooled: Riversedge is only impersonating a small town with its tree-lined Main Street and quaint ambiance. While it’s a place small enough for everyone to know each other’s secrets, few do. The town revolves around the prestigious Riversedge Law Club, where deals are made, cases are resolved, and where Ingrid DiLaurio — a former lawyer turned nationally recognized podcast host– has never been made to feel welcome. 

When Ingrid’s husband, Peter, is found dead, and Ingrid’s former friend, Opal, is arrested as the prime suspect, the press quickly seizes on Opal’s past as a single mom and stripper. Ingrid’s priority is protecting herself, her son, Drake, and her business from salacious gossip. But when Opal desperately needs a defense lawyer, she tells Ingrid she wants to call in a “favor,” Ingrid reluctantly returns to the law for one last case.

As the trial unfolds, Ingrid realizes quickly that she has taken on more than she bargained for, including Opal’s dark past, a corrupt judge, a blackmailing prosecutor, another dead body, and a black-tinted car that follows her everywhere. In the end, it’s clear that both women know more than they are letting on about Peter’s death, but who will tell the truth first? 

And is the truth what anyone wants to hear?

Alije’s Review:

In Her Defense is a razor-sharp and powerful women’s legal fiction with an intriguing premise, tense, gripping build-up, and a spectacular climax with sharp dialogue and engaging characters who you will love or hate. In Her Defense is the first installment of Riversedge Law Club; it is so original, clever, and accomplished that it should not be missed!

I loved that the main protagonist were females, it is a pulse-pounding, and this tightly plotted page-turner delivers as both a legal thriller and serial killer investigation! The pace is captivating, with lyrical prose that will compel your brain on every page. The Author Amy Impellizzeri articulated the scenes so well that I felt I was present. This was full of twists and surprises that kept coming like a tornado.

It’s a novel so the Author took us on a journey of the main character’s life, with details and drama to where I felt connected to the characters and, of course, rooted for the main character! Amy has blended courtroom, corrupt judges, and murders in a very intense and psychological suspense book that I loved so much. The courtroom scenes are riveting. This was an expertly crafted and engrossing thriller of a suspense book with vivid descriptions that bring the settings alive, the ending will always live in my brain as it is the most shocking book I’ve ever read, and I highly recommend it to every legal drama reader!

I give In Her Defense by Will SciFi 5 out of 5 stars. 


4.4/5 Goodreads

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