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Let’s talk about Pearlized by B.K. Sweeting. Pearlized follows Oisín Murphy, a 29-year-old dock worker anchored in his hometown, as he reminisces about his mother’s disappearance from childhood amid the worldly pandemic slowdown.

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Author: B.K. Sweeting
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 306
Released: 2021

Book Summary:

Filled with mystery, thrill, and unexpected twists and turns, “PEARLIZED” is a must-read fiction masterpiece. The novel tells the story of Oisín Murphy. As a boy, he discovered a small lustrous pearl in a pool of crimson gore, next to the numeral twelve drawn in blood, on the frozen bay behind his home. Before he knew it, Oisín was drowning in the darkness below the icy surface. His harrowing experience would haunt him for years because it was the anniversary of his mother’s unsolved disappearance.

Oisín has long since believed that the Pearl Point Murderer had killed his mother. Although, both the authorities and his peers don’t acknowledge what he saw as a boy. Oisín’s internal demons arise from an isolated routine during a worldwide pandemic.

To make matters darker, the past comes knocking on the 13th of October as an ominous birthday note, summoning him to face that bone-chilling day on the bay. A deadly adventure ensues, across east and west coastal waters, intertwining the ones closest to Oisín and bringing him to a climax that you won’t see coming.

Alije’s Review:

Pearlized is a compulsive murder mystery book that immerses your brain in fascinating details. It offers a brilliant concept flawlessly executed and told in a unique and captivating voice! I read the first page and then put all else on hold to devour this pitch-perfect book in one sitting! The book is tense, compassionate, thrilling, and very clever! I love a mystery that keeps you guessing, with intriguing and likable characters and a wonderful setting. I almost wish I hadn’t read this book so I could read it for the first time again!

The dynamics between the characters were so intense and complex, making the book very thrilling, B.K. Sweeting’s writing style is exceptionally inspiring, and I love her book. The structure of detailing every scene is spectacular, and Pearlized is a thrilling roller coaster of a novel. This is a clever and intimate exploration of secrets. Family is the foundation of a beautifully constructed mystery with twists and turns that will keep you guessing throughout the last pages!

I had a strong feeling that this was going to be that book. You know the one. Right from the start, the narrator has a rhythm that pulls you in. The words flow so smoothly that you almost forget you’re reading. It is a fast-paced murder mystery book that will blow your mind on every page and every chapter, this is hands down the best thriller I’ve read this year, and I can’t recommend it enough, a 5/5 mystery that will live in my brain forever.

I give Pearlized by B.K. Sweeting 5 out of 5 stars. 


5/5 Goodreads

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