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Let’s talk about Spiritual Shit. Hosted by Alea Lovely, Spiritual Shit covers the down and dirty on modern spirituality.

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Spiritual Shit
Host:  Alea Lovely
Genre: Spirituality
Listen on: Spotify, iTunes
Episodes: 2019-

Podcast Summary:

Alea Lovely is an Energy reader, Spiritual teacher, and the creator and host of the “Spiritual Shit podcast,” which has topped the charts, gaining a #1 spot on iTunes spirituality in America. Growing up super religious, she found that a large part of her life didn’t align with her own identity because, as a child, she had a host of spiritual experiences she couldn’t explain that made her feel ashamed of her sensitivities. Seeing ghosts, hearing ancestors, prophetic dreams, and her clairsentient experiences fell on deaf ears, were met with weird looks, or were criticized for their absurdity. She felt she had to hide the biggest part of herself for most of her life until a major move to NYC and an overdue divorce forced her to awaken and reclaim her purpose for this incarnation. She knew it was time for her to claim her whole self again and since then, she’s helped thousands of people awaken back to their true selves through energy coaching, card readings, workshops, and her podcast.

Lisa’s Review:

This podcast changed my life. I have organized religious trauma, and this podcast opens up many more choices and views. I love to hear everyone’s perspectives. I love to listen after meditating. I highly highly recommend it.

I give Spiritual Shit 5 out of 5 stars. 


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