The Last Tourist

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Let’s talk about The Last Tourist on Hulu. Travel is at a tipping point. Forgotten voices reveal the real conditions and consequences of one of the world’s most profitable industries.

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The Last Tourist on Hulu
Rating: NR
Genre: Documentary
Type: Movie 1 hr 40 min
Released: 2022


Travel is at a tipping point. Tourists are unintentionally destroying the very things they have come to see. Overtourism has magnified its impact on the environment, wildlife, and vulnerable communities around the globe. Filmed in over 15 countries and guided by the world’s leading tourism and conservation visionaries, THE LAST TOURIST reveals the real conditions and consequences of one of the largest industries worldwide through the forgotten voices of those working in its shadow. The role of the modern tourist is on trial.

Nelson’s Review:

This eye-opening documentary is a must-see. The Last Tourist highlights many issues within the cruise and the “all-inclusive” travel industry. Ultimately the fault lies with us (you and I), the contemporary traveler who can’t pass up a chance to catch the perfect shot at the ideal angle to post it on our social media. We as a people need to do better.

I give The Last Tourist on Hulu 4 out of 5 stars. 


68% of Google users liked this
7.4/10 IMDb
100% Rotten Tomatoes

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