Boy Missing: The Search for Kyron Horman by Rebecca Morris

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Let’s talk about Boy Missing: The Search for Kyron Horman by Rebecca Morris, the tragic story of a beautiful child named Kyron and his loving mother, who has been trying to find him since 2010.

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Boy Missing: The Search for Kyron Horman
Author: Rebecca Morris
Genre: True Crime, Non-Fiction
Pages: 511
Released: 2020

Book Summary:

It’s one of the most shocking unsolved missing-child cases in the world. Where is Kyron Horman? Why hasn’t the woman who police suspect is responsible for his 2010 disappearance—Kyron’s stepmother—been charged? That the seven-year-old disappeared from his grade school got parents’ attention worldwide. The case’s twists —adultery, sexting, murder-for-hire—keep the story in the media spotlight. New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Morris tells the minute-by-minute, day-by-day story of the long investigation, the search for Kyron, and his family’s heartache. Based on years of research and interviews with Kyron’s family, “Boy Missing” also examines what recourse families have as they wait for a loved one to be found. It challenges a common assumption in no-body cases: that prosecutors must wait until there is a confession or remains are found. No-body cases can be prosecuted successfully.

Heather’s Review:

This book was a tough one for me to read. Not because it was poorly written (because it is wonderful), but because it’s a true story of an unsolved crime involving a missing boy. As a mother, it’s hard to think that something like this could happen to us. It’s hard not to form a theory while reading this story. I found myself googling the case and trying to find updates once I finished the book. It’s a sad story but definitely worth the read.

I give Boy Missing: The Search for Kyron Horman by Rebecca Morris 4 out of 5 stars. 


4.3/5 Goodreads

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  1. This sounds like an intense mystery. Such a sad situation and I hope that the book can help the family to find closure.

  2. This book does sound like a very tough read.

  3. I just can’t do scary or sad. My heart has gotten weak in my old age, lol. My daughter would love this though! She would likely be googling afterwards as well.

  4. I’m not so good with these types of stories. I almost lost a child due to someone else’s carelessness.

  5. I haven’t heard about Kyron’s story but you made me curious to read it and know more about hist story!

  6. I haven’t read this book yet but I’m intrigued by the story. I’ll definitely add this to my list.

  7. This sounds like a great true crime story. I love listening to them but wish something like this didn’t have to happen in this world.

  8. This sounds like a sad yet intriguing story. I can’t imagine losing my son.

  9. This really hurts my heart. I’m gonna add this book on my list, I’ll read this on my day off.

  10. It’s always sad to see such a beautifully written book on a tragic topic.

  11. This pulls on my heart strings beside I have a son! This hurts my heart to see things like this happen.

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