Carrie Low Vs.

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Let’s talk about Carrie Low Vs., hosted by Maggie Rahr. Carrie Low trusted the police when she reported her horrific rape. But she says they failed to investigate properly and only succeeded in traumatizing her further.

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Carrie Low Vs.
Host: Maggie Rahr
Genre: Crime
Listen on: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher
Episodes: 2021

Podcast Summary:

In the spring of 2018, Carrie Low was enjoying a night at her neighborhood bar in Nova Scotia. She says the events that followed traumatized her for life — becoming a nightmare that continues to this day.

Low trusted police when she reported that she had been drugged, kidnapped, and raped by multiple men. But she says they failed to investigate properly, and only succeeded in traumatizing her further. Now, Low is on a mission to hold these institutions to account. 

Heather’s Review:

This podcast had my attention almost immediately. Carrie’s story is not only terrifying but is one that could be any of our stories.

The justice system has definitely not done its job in regard to her case and I can’t imagine that they can do anything to fix this situation now since it’s been so many years.

I appreciate the host’s willingness to be by Carrie Low’s side throughout the process and deliver all of the information that we needed, from those that were willing to share.

I give Carrie Low Vs. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


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