Myths and Legends

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Let’s talk about Myths and Legends. Host Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history.

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Myths and Legends
Host:  Jason Weiser
Genre: Arts
Listen on: Spotify, iTunes, Audible, Stitcher
Episodes: 2015-

Podcast Summary:

Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules, are stories you think you know but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.

Heather’s Review:

As the title says, this podcast is about myths, legends, and even some folklore throughout history. These are the non-kid version of the stories, and some of the stories can be hard to listen to. These are perfect for a long car ride as each is almost 50 minutes. So sit back and enjoy this ride, hearing stories about Aladdin, Hercules, Pocahontas, and many more.

I give Myths and Legends 5 out of 5 stars. 


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  1. This seems like something my son and I would love to listen together!

  2. This sounds like something I would listen to. This is something that I need to check out.

  3. I’m loving podcasts now and will have to put this on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It sounds like you liked it with such a high rating. I think I’d enjoy listening too!!

  5. I think this sounds like something my son and DiL would really be into and they’re always listening to podcasts. Definitely right up their alley!

  6. This sounds like an interesting podcast. I’ll have to find a way to listen to it when I’m out delivering food.

  7. How fun! I’ve never heard of it! I’ll check it out! I bet my girls would love it!

  8. This would be cool to listen to. I’ll keep it in mind when I am driving around picking up my kids.

  9. I love myths and legends! I’ll have to check out this podcast!

  10. How interesting! I’ve been a huge King Arthur fan for years. Must listen to ASAP. Thank you for sharing.

  11. My daughter actually listens to this on Spotify a lot. She loves their tales!

  12. This sounds really interesting! I would definitely go ahead and listen to this podcast!

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