The Downstairs Neighbor by Helen Cooper

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Let’s talk about The Downstairs Neighbor by Helen Cooper. An addicting and twisty debut about an apartment building devastated by the disappearance of a teenage girl–and by the secrets that won’t be kept behind each closed door.

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The Downstairs Neighbor
Author: Helen Cooper
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Pages: 384
Released: 2021

Book Summary:

One House. Three Families. Countless Secrets.

From her downstairs apartment in suburban London, Emma has often overheard the everyday life of the seemingly perfect family upstairs–Steph, Paul, and teenage daughter Freya–but has never got to know them. Until one day, she hears something that seizes her attention: Freya has vanished, and the police are questioning Steph and Paul about their life. Does either of you have any enemies? Anyone who might want to harm or threaten you?

The effects of Freya’s disappearance ripple outward, affecting not just her parents but everyone who lives in the building, including Emma and local driving instructor Chris, who was the last person to see the teenager before she went missing. Each character’s life is sharpened as devastating mistakes, and long-held secrets are picked apart. Other crimes come to light–including a child gone missing twenty-five years earlier and a shocking murder–that make clear that the past never stays where we leave it and that homes can be built on foundations of lies.

Jodie’s Review:

This book is a tense thriller with twists you won’t see coming! Freya, the teen daughter of Steph and Paul, who lives on the top floor, goes missing. Emma on the middle floor thought they had the perfect family life upstairs. Chris, Freya’s driving instructor, lives on the bottom floor and may just have more to hide than people think. A must-read for suspense and thriller fans!

I give The Downstairs Neighbor by Helen Cooper 5 out of 5 stars. 


3.7/5 Goodreads

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