The House of Suh

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Let’s talk about The House of Suh on Prime Video. A chilling exploration of the tragic history of the Suh family and the murder that shocked America – when the picture-perfect son, Andrew, shot and killed his sister’s fiancé at her bidding.

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The House of Suh on Prime Video
Rating: 13+
Genre: True Crime
Type: Documentary
Released: 2010


The House of Suh” tells the story of Andrew and his sister Catherine and how the values, conflicts, and dysfunctions of their Korean immigrant family led to the murder of Robert O’Dubaine. Eloquently narrated by Andrew, the documentary highlights issues of assimilation and the struggle between freedom and responsibility, raising questions about guilt, innocence, and the illusive gray area in-between.

Heather’s Review:

I feel like documentaries have come a long way in the last decade. The House of Suh shows its age. I had some moments where I zoned out and had to rewind because it didn’t give me the urgency to watch as most true crime documentaries do. This is not a show that you can multitask through as there are subtitles for the people speaking Korean at the beginning, and instead of a narrator, they have many moments where you have to read what happens next. The story itself is one I don’t remember hearing. It’s tragic and sad in so many ways. A movie was made about it in 1997, but they changed the characters from Korean to American, which I find incredibly odd. It’s not often that I find myself feeling sorry for the murderer of the story, but this case was different.

I give The House of Suh on Prime Video 3 out of 5 stars. 


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