The Informants

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Let’s talk about The Informants by Scott Nickerson. In the life and death world of drug trafficking, informants are necessary to stay alive. The perfect informant can always be developed by applying the right amount of leverage.

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The Informants
Author: Scott Nickerson
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 330
Released: 2022

Book Summary:

In the life and death world of drug trafficking, informants are necessary to stay alive. The perfect informant can always be developed by applying the right amount of leverage.

The wife of a Mexican Cartel leader is poisoned while having dinner with her eleven-year-old daughter, and the head of the most violent drug trafficking cartel in the world sets a $10 million reward for the murder of the waiter responsible for poisoning his wife as well as the unknown individual responsible for ordering the hit. Julian Castro Rodriguez, aka El Jefe, orders dozens of Cartel members to Sinaloa and offers the reward for information leading to the murderer.

Meanwhile, DEA holds a conference in Southern California that has brought together agents investigating the same members of El Jefe’s cartel. The worlds of both sides collide viciously when Toro, a Cartel assassin, kidnaps a DEA agent and threatens to kill the agent unless law enforcement reveals who was responsible for ordering the murder of El Jefe’s wife. Both sides use a web of informants to obtain intelligence to further their goals. While the Cartel operates ruthlessly, the agents on the streets balance the scales of justice with integrity and tireless effort. To tip the scales in their favor, the agents must work outside the government’s drawn lines of right and wrong, producing legendary and calamitous results.

Alije’s Review:

Scott Nickerson’s writing is so lyrically entertaining with a captivating and thrilling story, his book The Informants is clever and endearing. It merges dramatic and thrilling details, stacked with attractions. The author has blended some fascinating elements to bring us an epic and magnificent book with incredible characters and compelling prose.

The dynamics between the characters were so strong and complex that it made the book very thrilling, Scott’s style of writing is exceptionally inspiring, and I love his book so much. His structure of detailing every scene is very spectacular, and the characters were so amazing.

The Informants is unique, innovative, and powerful therefore, it seeks way more than words can express, and to be honest, this is my first book from the Author, but his professionalism left me speechless and wanting more of his ambitious literature prose! The dark twists and very intriguing plot the book has, it made me read the book in two days, and I loved it so much! The crafted order of the two different plots that will be connected in such a tremendously mind-blowing manner makes this a 5-star read, and the ending was so entertaining, with lots of secrets unraveled!

This is the first installment of the series, and I loved it. Definitely my favorite thriller of the Year, and I highly recommend it to every fan of Peter Swanson & James Patterson. This was a 5/5 read, and I can not wait to read more books from this fabulous Writer.

I give The Informants by Scott Nickerson 5 out of 5 stars. 


4/5 Goodreads

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