Paint Me Perfect by Kay Cove

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Let’s talk about Paint Me Perfect by Kay Cove, a heartfelt, humorous, and steamy contemporary romance with a fake dating, single mom, and second chance romance tropes. Book #1 in the Love, Me & the 303 Series.

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Paint Me Perfect
Author: Kay Cove
Genre: Romance
Pages: 322
Released: 2022

Book Summary:

Chase is ready to turn over a new leaf and leave his Hollywood playboy antics behind. He asked the universe for a chance at real love and is confident that Noa is his swift delivery. The only problem? It’s near impossible to move forward when there is still a spotlight on the skeletons of his past.

Noa’s focused on one thing and one thing only—and it does not involve a whirlwind summer romance with megastar actor Chase Ford. Armed with a paintbrush and a new blank canvas, she’s determined to paint the perfect family picture for her and her four-year-old son.

It only takes one chance encounter. One tabloid picture. One publicity scheme to set the record straight. 

Their ruse turns real.

Knowing he found the girl of his dreams, Chase is ready to fight for their chance at forever, but he’s about to face the cruel reality Noa already knows too well—not all loves are created equal, and sometimes perfect isn’t enough.

Alije’s Review:

Paint me Perfect is mesmerizing, a story of love and redemption, Kay Cove’s book is a perfect reason for staying up too late to read!

A beautifully-written second-chance romance stays with you long after you’re done. Everything is perfect, compelling, and unique.

Paint Me Perfect is a triumph, the book that makes you feel so deeply for the finely drawn characters that you almost forget they’re fictional. You’ll be swept away by the heartbreak, the joy, the chemistry, and the charisma woven through the fabric of Chase and Noa’s fake dating relationship.

This beautiful and fascinating sweeping story of dueling ambitions and restless hearts will captivate not just your brain with the intriguing and mind-blowing details but and your heart with the magnificent emotional relationship. This is a compulsive page-turner with gripping prose and a blistering crafting technique that I loved so much!

Paint Me Perfect is a perfect book but is perfect enough for the drama, problems, and twists that the characters will go through! The main characters are Chase and Noa, who are stuck in a fake dating situation after Noa is helping him to clean his image after a scandal. The fake relationship is so mindful and outstanding it will make you laugh out loud with some fabulous dialogues.

If you enjoy second chance romances, fake dating, emotional reads, and books by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Colleen Hoover, don’t miss Paint Me Perfect. This was an easy 5/5, and I can’t wait to read so much more from this epic writer. Kay Cove is definitely among my favorite authors right now.

I give Paint Me Perfect by Kay Cove 5 out of 5 stars. 


4.6/5 Goodreads

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