Send Her Back by Munashe Kaseke

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Let’s talk about Send Her Back by Munashe Kaseke. Uncanny. Witty. Gripping. Send Her Back, and other stories dazzles, leaving you newly awakened to the world we live in.

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Send Her Back
Author: Munashe Kaseke
Genre: Fiction, Social Issues
Pages: 204
Released: 2022

Book Summary:

In Send Her Back and Other Stories, Munashe Kaseke offers an awfully intimate, fresh telling of the immigrant black woman’s experience in the United States, equally awash with a myriad of challenges and the joys of exploring a new world. With sumptuous candor, her complicated and often tangled, female Zimbabwean protagonists navigate issues of identity, microaggressions, and sexism in vibrant and indelible settings and, at times, a tense US political climate. Yet again, these are not only stories of overcoming; they’re also marked by characters who’ve risen to the top of their professional fields, seized the American dream, and traveled the world in glee. Kaseke peels back on the inner wranglings of characters caught between two worlds, be it by stories of dating outside one’s culture and race or failing to assimilate upon returning home after spending time abroad. Uncanny. Hilarious. Witty. Gripping. Send Her Back, and Other Stories dazzles, leaving you newly awakened to the world we live in.

Alije’s Review:

This collection’s sixteen pieces share a common subject that connects them all. Each is written from a woman’s perspective, and all the women are from Zimbabwe. I became enraged by several stories, sometimes at the individuals and the circumstances. As an immigrant and very familiar with the leaving your hometown situation, this was a powerful book that I finished the book in three days because I couldn’t keep reading through my tears. As a result, the stories connected with me.

This is certainly an anthology I would suggest. It would be useful for people who want to learn about a foreign culture, the point of view of immigrants, and their concerns that are hard to read and imagine them going through pain. These stories have a lot to say about the character and behavior of people. And some demonstrate how little has changed in a rather apparent manner.

Although the characters’ tales varied, they were all bound by shared desires and experiences. I think this book will provide valuable insight into what it’s like for female immigrants to live in America, and I strongly suggest it. Even though each protagonist’s circumstances are distinct, they all have similar life experiences. Failing to fit in. household obligations. Immigration and visa policies in the US.

This was a 5/5 star read, and if you want to learn about powerful women of color who have survived immigration, racist remarks, and freedom of speech, then this is the book you are looking for, as it has real and informative details that are 100% true.

The book has a normal pace as you will enjoy the structure and the style of writing the author has provided in the book.

I give Send Her Back by Munashe Kaseke 5 out of 5 stars. 


4.2/5 Goodreads

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